Karolin Schmitt-Weidmann mit Flöte

Inaugural Concert Prof. Karolin Schmitt-Weidmann

Thursday 06/27/2024


7 pm

HMDK Stuttgart
Urbanstrasse 25
70182 Stuttgart

Karolin Schmitt-Weidmann plays works by Osorio, Oliveros, Saariaho and Stroppa. She dedicates the performance of "little i" to Maria Kalesnikava with the following words:

Dear Maria,
Since I took up my professorship at the HMDK Stuttgart last winter semester, you seem to have accompanied me in a certain way. My close colleague, Klaus Dreher, gave me the book Zekamerone, Piet Meyer and Marco Stroppa told me that you have performed the piece "little i" several times - a piece that I am playing in my inaugural concert. We were born in the same year, play the same instrument and have a similar focus (new music, early music). I hope very much that one day we will meet in good health and in freedom!

zek #1

Thursday, 05/16/2024


8 pm

free entry

Atelier Theater
Stöckachstrasse 55
70190 Stuttgart

zek [зек - Russian for convict] deals with texts written in prison by Maxim Znak and other authors, which form a thread from prisoners to freedom, to self-determined communication, to their survival and our knowledge of their situation. zek #1 recalls the fate of Masha Kalesnikava, Maxim Znak and other political prisoners. The zek series opens with compositions by Carlos Gutiérrez and Nikola Lutz as well as improvisations by the trio encuentros musicales.

organized by SKAM e.V.

Mascha Kalesnikava