04/28/2023 - 09/09/2023


Prof. Nikola Lutz - concept, artistic director
Bernhard Eusterschulte - artistic collaboration
Prof. Klaus Dreher - director artistic vigil
Eveline Vervliet, Carlos Hernandez - assistants

Opening 04/28/23
4:30 pm
At Gustav-Siegle-Haus
Leonhardsplatz 28
70182 Stuttgart

with contributions by Karina Geiger (Amnesty International), Marina Mihalchuk, a.o. and music by Remmy Canedo, César Bernal, V.I.A. Belasol a.o.

The installation will be located at Wilhelmsplatz Stuttgart starting from 04/28/23

Opening concert 04/28/23
8:30 pm at the installation on Wilhelmsplatz
or in case of bad weather in Kunstbezirk


Chi Him Chik - electronics
César Bernal - double bass
Anton Rudakov - dance
Nikola Lutz - video

The project mem.cont.act represents the fate of the Stuttgart musician and Belarusian opposition politician Maria "Mascha" Kalesnikava with an installative portrait, which is participatively transformed into a communication space through audience contributions. Music and speech contributions as well as regular musical-literary vigils activate Kalesnikava's democratization impulses and keep awareness of her situation alive. An interactive online space enables independent individual forms of access.

mem.cont.act consists of:

opening event with music and speeches

musical-literary vigils

participation through integration of audience contributions into the design process of the communication space

Videos and documentations

individual independent access through interactive nota-space

Up-to-date information on the process will be published here.

sponsored by:

Kulturamt Stadt Stuttgart
mem.cont.act is part of the festival FemPalais